El Nino is Here These 15 Rides Will Get You Through the Storm

Out in the Pacific Ocean there is a growing blob of warm water known as El Nino. The warm water phenom us famous for wreaking havoc on global weather and according to The Weather Channel will mean the untimely demise of anyone not tuned in. Being smarter than the average viewer we know you are thinking ahead towards how you can survive the coming disaster. We decided to put together some of the best examples of rides that will get you through the storm. With the inspiration from these wicked-weather-wides (read it like Elmer Fud… funny right?) we hope to keep your heart pumping long after the great floods have abated. Which ride do you want to ride out El Nino in? Let us know in the comment section.

14) Lighting Helps Cut Through the Smoke

The media may claim that El Nino causes rain but we all know better… clouds cause rain! What else do clouds do? They block out the sun and make it dark. For this reason auxiliary lighting is extremely important and imitating this sweet FJ Cruiser will help you see through the storm.

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