Get into Fall with These 15 Scary Rides

Labor Day is gone and summer will be ending soon. The warmth and blue skies will soon be a fading memory replaced with falling leaves, cool evenings, and the scares of Halloween. Halloween is the second largest holiday next to Christmas (measured by money spent) and is a classic example of Hollywood leading a trend. The classic slasher movies of the 80’s brought on a generation of fear loving and gore seeking horror fans. The spine chilling scare of watching the innocent virgin being chased by the blood crazed monster as she runs into all of the wrong places is a mainstay of the genre.

In the auto world too there are scary rides. From scary fast to scary fun to just plain scary we hit the archives in search of 15 scary rides to get you in the fall mood. Some of these can be found on your local car lot while other take some customization to reach but all fit the bill to replace Hollywood scares with real world scares. Next time your significant other laughs at your blood curdling scream during the new Kruger movie take them for some retribution in one of these scary rides. Which ride do you think is the most scary? Let us know down in the comments.

15) Yeah… I Just Escaped the Zombie Horde…

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