My How Things Have Changed – 15 of the Sexiest Grills

As visual beings humans rely heavily on recognition and looks for defining and characterizing everything we know and believe about something. Like it or not humans use “profiling” to get through a day filled with millions of images bombarding our brains. First impressions are very important with most people forming their initial impression within a couple seconds of discovering something new. The grill on our cars and trucks defines the opinions on these rides for generations. Some of the ugliest rides have some of the ugliest front-ends. On the flip side some of the sexiest rides have the sexiest grills. Let’s take a look at how the grill has changed over the years and see what designers are thinking for the future. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

14) Bigger is Better

As the years passed laws and common sense introduced the bumper and additional safety features to the front end including turn signals. These hotrod haulers have an aggressive yet sleek front beak that looks as great restored today as it did in work of yesterday.

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