Nice Stripes… Check out these Racing Schemes

The racing stripe is an amazing creation by auto enthusiasts. the act of placing a vinyl or painted line across the top of a ride signifies and communicates to the world that this a vehicle not to be messed with. Even if the vehicle is a piece of junk with a 50 horsepower 3 cylinder motor the racing stripe will cause everyone to pause for a second to ask… what’s up with that? Does it have a turbo? Nitrous? Some sort of racing performace setup? Doesn’t matter the ride or the driver if it has stripes it automatically looks fast. Let’s take a look at 15 rides with racing inspired stripes. Which do you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

14) Wait is it Fast or Not?

Then there are the economy cars with stripes. A Chevy Cobalt is not the flag bearer of speed in the GM lineup but maybe there is something more going on with this ride. Did the owner add a turbo to the little 4 cylinder motor? If they did it could be putting out 250 hp on a super light weight car and that alone equals speed.

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