15 Blazing Fast Trucks

Nothing is more American than the pickup truck. A giant stuff hauler on wheels trucks have come a long way from the early farm and work-horses they were originally intended as. Modern trucks have all the features of a fancy sedan with the ability to carry the ATV, bikes, and tow a camper at the same time. The popularity of trucks in America is nothing less than legendary and the major manufacturers have bent over backwards to try and deliver an ever impressive array of models for consumers to choose from.

Gear-heads and speed freaks are no exception to the truck love-fest. Their need for speed has drawn a few of the more ambitious truck manufacturers into the small but amazing category of building fast trucks. We pay homage to these blazing fast trucks by highlighting some of the most impressive examples from modern history. What do you think of fast trucks? Have you owned any of these? Feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your input. Now sit back and enjoy these 15 fast trucks.

14) It’s a Truck… It’s a Car… It’s Crazy Fast

What happens when a Chevelle is rear-ended by a truck? You get an El Camino that can haul stuff and haul tail.

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