15 Future Collector Cars You Can Buy Cheap Now

So who out there is kicking themselves for selling their classic muscle car back in their college days. You remember that ride it was a beauty but gas was expensive and it was getting old. A cash buyer bought it and you have never seen it since. If only you could have seen the future and what would happen to that 70 SS Chevelle… a one hundred thousand dollar collector car that you let go for fifteen hundred bucks! To save you future embarrassment Rollingutopia.com has put together a list of 15 future classic cars that you can pick up for bargains today. Which one do you think will be worth the most in 30 years? Let us know in the comments below.

15) Lexus SC430

This hard top convertible has cutting edge technology and a powerful and smooth running V8 engine. One of the most underrated cars on the market today this ride still looks modern over a decade after its launch.

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