15 Off Roading Vehicles That’ll Leave You Speechless

Where the blacktop ends is where the majority of people stop unless they are rolling in these extreme off-road rides. For these rides the lack of a paved surface is ideal and dirt rules. Whether they are racing deserts, navigating mountain passes, or climbing rock gardens these off-road rides thrive when conditions are less than ideal. From huge lifts to massive travel suspension these trucks, bikes, and cars are ready for anything. If you are tired of your boring old ride then consider building or buying one of these crazy off road rides for your garage. Just don’t blame us for all the fun you have… no wait… you can thank us by sending in pictures of your exploits. Which is your favorite? Comment below.

15) Holy Smokes

If your rock crawling plans include flipping over a few times then this ride is for you. The crazy web of roll bars are ready to absorb any impact and readily protect all components of the vehicle. The huge tires and long travel suspension will aggressively climb everything in the way.

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