15 Owners That Went a Bit Too Far… Crazy Customizations

Ever heard of the “Lund Mobile”? Lund manufactures aftermarket add-ons for cars and trucks. Items like window covers that allow drivers to crack the window down even in rain and sun shades that mount over the windshield. All these items can look okay when installed alone but some car owners go a bit far. In this archive gallery Rollingutopia.com takes a look some of the wackier rides in our archive looking for vehicles that have a bit too much customization for their own good. Like a Hollywood celebrity and plastic surgery they just could not say no. Some are mild and some are wild but all are leaning a bit to the ugly side. Which freaky ride do you think is the worst? Let us know by commenting below.

15) The Front End

This little ride is close to being pretty cool but goes a bit too far with the nose. The functional intercooler is too stark of a contrast and would have come off better should the owner have covered it with a red mesh grill.

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