16 Celebrity Rides You Have to See

What is it with our fascination of celebrities? Is it the fact that we regularly invite them into our homes, lives, and minds? Is it the fact that they make oodles of money for simply playing dress up? Or is there something more? This is an auto blog after all so we won’t go and get too philosophical but what we will do is take a peak at some celebrity rides. If you had their money what type of car would you roll in? What do you think of their choices? Some of these rides make you wonder what the heck the stars were thinking. Which do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

15) Bieber and Hasselfoff Walk in to a Bar

Or better yet the two of them go for a ride in a Knight Rider car. It must be nice to be famous even if you are really freaking annoying. Okay Kit hit the eject switch on both seats please.

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