16 Crazy Stunts You Can’t Miss

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
These crazy jumps make you say please.
Please don’t ever catch me in there.
Screaming for my life as you say “dare!”

Ever since the first motorized vehicle was created people, crazy people that is, have been trying to turn them into planes. The basic principles are all the same… speed+big ramp=plane. Evil Knievel popularized and glamorized the crazy stunt and modern daredevils are perfecting it. Why drive around the Grand Canyon when you can simply jump over it?!

From motorcycles to big rigs the following is a compilation of the craziest jumps caught on film. From professionals to morons they all have one thing in common… they turned their ride into a plane just long enough for us to catch these stills. If you feel inspired after checking these out; just make sure to have someone on standby to document it for our readers. What do you think of these rides turned planes? Let us know by commenting below.

16) This is How the Pros Do It

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