16 Rides to Save You From Global Warming

Everywhere you turn the signs of a changing climate abound. CNN shows you floods and famine, Fox News shows you power hungry politicians, and NBC has Brian Williams. Are any of these things right? Who knows but what we do know is that being ready for global warming might be important enough to plan ahead. To that end we put together a list of 16 rides to get you through the coming heat wave (or cold front) in style and comfort. Get these rides and laugh at all the non-believers as you cruise the ruins of modern civilization in style. How do you want to “ride” out global warming? Any of these rides fancy your palette? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the best ride to get you through global warming.

16) The Watercar

Not Photoshopped this is a legitimate vehicle that you can own today. Be ready for the melting icebergs in this go anywhere fun mobile. Laugh all the way to Rockies as you cruise the flooded ocean waves.

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