16 Trucks You Need for the End of the World

For gory entertainment the Walking Dead has it covered. Roving bands of blood thirsty zombies looking to chomp, bite, and chew their way through human flesh plus the psychotic living beings left on the plague riddled planet trying in every way to ruin the good day… it’s enough to make anyone want to plan for the end. There are the obvious preparations like MREs, first aid kits, a small arsenal of weapons, and a strong immune system but what happens when you need to head down to the local store? For those zombie running shopping sprees you are going to need a truck… and not just any truck. The following slide show provides suggestions on the best truck you need for the End of the World

16) Hummer H2 Survival Truck

If a little bit of style is your thing this Hummer H2 will help you fight off the zombies in fashion. Bonus for the built in sound system and heated seats. Why live if your behind can’t stay warm?!

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