20 Crazy Awesome Jeeps

Popularized during World War II as the go anywhere military vehicle Jeep has become a symbol of outdoor adventure and go anywhere attitude. The new owner and designers at Chrysler have revamped the classic Cherokee look into a Fiat framed SUV. The sacrilegious move obviously ruffled a few Jeep purest feathers but their enthusiasm has yet to wane for the classic Jeeps of old.

The short and wide wheelbase of the Jeep makes it perfect for getting off-road and tackling steep inclines and tall obstacles. With amazing approach angles Jeeps are able to immediately climb boulders that would smack into the front bumpers of lesser vehicles. No true Jeep is complete without minor modifications and serious Jeep owners can go all out with customizations that make their Jeeps truly awesome. Without further ado Rollingutopia.com takes a look at 20 crazy awesome Jeeps and a few throwbacks to the past, present, and future. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

20) Still Not a Jeep… Or is It?

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