20 Ways Your Ride is Better than Your Parent’s

Back in my day I walked 10 miles to school uphill in the snow both directions. Aren’t you tired about hearing about how much better it was in the old days? Your parents wax poetically about how free and fun their times were. Sure things were crazy in the world but they had each other, free love, and freedom. Now days all us kids are strapped to electronics. paying through the nose for everything, and just missing out on what life is all about.

At Rollingutopia.com we don’t buy that story for a single bit. If these advances in car design and function are any indication, our parents got the short end of the stick. Modern rides are sleek, sexy, fast, efficient, and safe right out of the dealer lots. Modern cars are packing enough computer power to launch a shuttle into space and can almost drive themselves. Take a look at 20 ways your ride is better than your parent’s ever could have dreamed. Let us know what you think of the ways your ride is way better than your parents down in the comments. We look forward to building on the discussion.

20) Rolls Royce of Today… Sums it Up Well

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