20 Wicked Bikes for the Weekend

It has been said that “everybody is working for the weekend” that magical two day period where you leave the workday behind and enjoy a little bit of freedom. The world waits for these two days to get out of the fluorescent lit office and into the Vitamin D filled sunny days. Hitting the highways on a motorcycle epitomizes the freedom and care-free attitude that defines the classic weekend.

The unfortunate thing about weekends is that they are short… leaving the other 5 days for us to sit quietly at our desks looking busy all while staring at photos of the fun toys we can play with this next Saturday and Sunday. To help you “work” we put together a list of 20 wicked bikes for the weekend. These rides will look great as you unwind from a long and stressful week of dreaming. Which one can you picture yourself on cruising the country and mountain roads, riding away from the Mounties, or picking up the lady friend for a ride to the local watering hole? Let us know in the comments below!

20) Picture a Ride on This

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