Big Boy Toys 16 Sick Trucks

Boys will be boys and big boys will have their toys. Modern trucks are incredibly powerful and as a result are being turned in to some of the most amazingly sick vehicles on the road. With tuners, exhaust, suspension, and wheels pushing the boundaries of sanity big boys are not shying away from building their dream rides.

Some dream of flying high in the clouds… scraping the heavens… for these dreamers the higher the lift and the bigger the tires the better the ride. Other like to keep it low and sleek. With air bags or hydraulics they try their best to drag frame and cross-members… no wayward squirrel will pass safely underneath. Both styles share common themes of slick paint jobs, chrome, and custom touches. Others purposely skimp on one aspect, ie paint, to create a unique truck that is just theirs.

If you are tired of your boring ole’ ride then here is the inspiration you need to go crazy custom. Practical? No. Fun? Heck yeah. Get your custom on like these 16 sick trucks and let us know your favorite by commenting down below.

16) Gotta Have a Theme and Mine is Green

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