Check Out the 20 Super Sweet SUVs

When it comes to rolling the suburbs the “Surburban” name takes on new meaning. As the classic kiddie and gear hauler SUVs or sport utility vehicles have now branched out to multiple categories of big to small rides. The general concept for SUVs is that they combine the drive-ability and go anywhere attitude of a truck with the passenger room and storage of a car. Outside of pickup trucks our country has a fascination with these rides. While the majority cruise around un-modified there are a few excellent examples of custom SUVs to share. From rims and tires to lifts and drops these custom rides will make the soccer mom a rock star in her cool SUV. With these rides the kids will be fighting over the front seat and beating off the friends who want a ride home daily. Which do you like the best?

19) Shut the Kids Up

A surefire way to start a conversation with anyone is to roll up to the soccer game with your kids in the cage. The perfect time out spot the dog carrier/ kid prison will lend a one off appearance to your ride.

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