Diesel Power – 15 Black-Smokin’ Rides

Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was nothing remotely sexy or awesome about diesel motors. Sure there were some folks that envisioned them as our salvation through economy and torque but for the masses the diesel engine was simply another tool used by industry. Found in big tractors and big trucks the smelly black smoke belching diesel motor was a utilitarian necessity not a must have power choice for everyday users.

In Europe, unlike in America, the turbo diesel became a widely accepted option and has maintained and grown popularity since the 80’s. Back stateside it was not until the 90’s when the diesel finally found its place and unlike Europe the diesel in the US was not a compact fuel efficient motor… instead it was viewed as a torque and power monster best fitted in our pickup trucks for hauling and towing. The diesel has come a long way in the last 20 years with modern diesel motors providing 600+ lbs of torque and horsepower from the factory! Any power loving freak salivates at those numbers and recognizes with a few modifications those numbers can be pushed past 1,000 easily. In honor of diesel power let’s take a look at 15 black smoking diesel rides; some that smoke the track while others change the industry. Which one do you like? Let us know by commenting below.

15) Modified Dodge Ram Mud-Bogger

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