Enjoy Your Trip to the Slammer in these 15 Cool Squad Cars

Getting cuffed and stuck in the back of a squad car is not number one on a person’s list of things they want to do… but these rides may make them reconsider the idea. Squad cars have come a long ways in the last few years with departments around the world upgrading their “police cruisers” with late model sedans, stylish LEDs, and sweet paint jobs. Modern squad cars stretch the boundaries of cool and speed with a look that makes everyone want to cruise in one… only they want to cruise them from behind the wheel rather than in the back seat. Have you ever ridden in one of these squad cars? Which would you demand to be arrested in? Let us know by commenting below.

14) Oil Money Going to a Good Cause

Dubai has put their oil money to good use supplying their police force with rides that no one else can beat on the highway. The Veyron is capable of speeds in excess of 250 MPH, making it likely the fastest police car in the world. Like the other Dubai police cars, this Veyron will just serve as something like a permanent parade car, a rolling billboard to the UAE’s wealth.

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