Popular Used Cars in the Hands of Tuners

Each year there are lists of the top used cars in the market. Most are plain Jane commuter vehicles with dependable engineering and basic colors. At Rollingutopia.com we like to look at the sweeter rides roaming our streets and decided to take the top used car lists and look for the baddest tuner creations using these rides. Some upgrades are as basic as nice rims and tires. Others received custom paint and crazy modifications. All will give you a good idea of what can be done to these popular rides to make them yours. Which one of these popular used cars do you own? Have you modded it at all yourself? Post the pics in the comments below.

14) Pontiac Vibe

With a rally-esque look the Vibe is a great hatchback for customizing. You can either go street racer or off-road racer with your theme and have an inexpensive ride that looks good and saves on fuel.

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