Screaming Imports a Look at 15 Awesome Tuners

The import scene has forever changed American motorsports. By ramming massive gobs of air and fuel into tiny little cylinders the import tuners are able to create screaming fast rides that can meet and beat any other car on the road. Made famous in the long running Fast and Furious movie franchise the import is a modern classic that is part go-kart, part drag racer, and all one heck of a fun ride. A big part of the import tuner phenomena is to proudly demonstrate your street credentials with racecar styling and loud graphics… because sometimes winning at looks is as important as winning the race. Which of these imports have you owned? Let us know in the comments below.

14) Honda Accord

The car that changed America is also a great car to tune. Both the 4 and 6 cylinder motors are some of the finest engines on the market and readuly accept add-ons and hop-up parts to build power.

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