See How These 4 Icons Have Transformed Over the Years

Doesn’t it seem that as you age time goes by faster? Each day seems to dash by with an ever accelerating rate that makes one yearn for those long days in elementary school staring at the second hand as it seemed to wind backwards to the end of day bell. What is often forgotten during the passing of time is that time changes us for the better. The combination of experience and time equals advancement and change.

Like us time has past quickly for several iconic brands of cars. The industry changing Ford Mustang started out as a lightweight cruiser and transformed into a pavement pounding muscle car. Chevrolet, not to be outdone, released the Camaro and after several iterations has arrived to the present with one sweet looking ride. Speaking of GM one can’t ignore the Corvette… America’s supercar has always been a category leading sports machine. Another iconic brand, Porsche, forever transformed the race tracks with their no nonsense speed and styling appeal; time has absolutely accelerated for this iconic brand. Which make and year of car would you like to own? Join the discussion below.

18) 88 Mustang 5.0… Big Hair Styling

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