The 15 Fastest Cars on the Planet

From the womb humans are ready to compete. We are always trying to beat one another at something and speed is a great way to measure success. “I am faster than you” is a popular chant on the school playground and never abates until you hang up the teeth at the old folks home. Going fast and looking good while doing so may trend towards the testosterone fueled gender but is not limited to just men. Women have proved their chops on the tracks and highways for as long as men because “anything you can do I can do better” is only valid after spanking the boys at the strip.

In the race for fastest, engineers and designers have stretched the limits of human design with modern vehicles capable of 200+ mph and 0-60 in are your freaking kidding me seconds. In honor of speed we take a look at 15 of the fastest cars on the planet. Why? Because aside from just being fast these cars are sweet to see. If you like to compete and you like speed here are the best cars for going crazy fast in… just remember to have enough fuel in the tank to outrun the police cruisers!

14) SSC Tuatara (claimed)


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