The 20 Most Famous Movie Rides

Hollywood has brought us many things in the form of entertainment and popular culture but the only thing we at care about is the cars. Countless movies have been based upon and built around the automobile including rides that talk and walk. Hollywoods fascination with the automobile is based upon our collective fascination and love of our rides. Next to a home your ride is the next biggest expense you take on. For some this means nothing but for car nuts it means everything. The Fast and Furious franchise is based upon this love of autos and has allowed a poorly plotted and scripted series of movies to reap huge rewards. As children our TV shows and favorite movies had memorable characters but none more so than the automobile. Unlike human actors these rides endure and can be restored, remade, and refurbished for new generations to enjoy. No matter what your opinion of Hollywood the one thing they have done right is creating memorable rides. Let’s take a look at 20 of the most famous movie rides. Did we miss any? Let us know your earliest memory of these movies in the comments below.

20) The Mystery Machine

The only cartoon where the lead characters are a stoner and a dog. Scooby Doo and friends educated millions of children on the importance of solving crimes and the fact that all ghosts and goblins are just real people out to screw with you.

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