The Sexiest Exotics on the Planet

Exotic cars are completely un-obtainable by the average person. Priced in the stratosphere with waiting lists that include oil princes and billionaires these rides are completely out of any and all of our leagues… but that does not preclude us from looking at pictures of them! Just like the pages of Playboy bringing the nude images of beautiful women to the masses so can bring you sexy pics of the most amazing exotics on the planet.

Take a peek under the hood and imagine their carbon, chrome, and custom paint sitting in your garage beckoning to be played with and raced around. Imagine the conversations you would have with admirers drooling over your ride as you filled it with fuel again and again and again… yeah she is expensive to maintain but well worth the price! Imagine having doors that opened up, forward, or barely at all. Welcome to the world of exotics where cars meet dreams and dreams become reality. These cars all actually exist somewhere in the world. If you are looking for an excuse to work a little harder and build something great then look no further than the following images of the sexiest exotics on the planet. Which one do you see yourself in? Let us know in the comments below.

15) Lykan Hypersport

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