These 15 Rides Would Have Gotten You Laid in High School

High school is a period of time mixed with different emotions. Transitioning from childhood to adulthood the middle teen years are a hormone filled maze of doing good while dreaming of being bad. Entire genres of Hollywood films and TV are devoted to the coulda’-shoulda’ of idealized high school life. You… well you spent the 4 years trying to discover the “cool you” all while watching the others hookup. If only you could have had one of these rides in high school… they would have gotten you laid. Imagine the smooth lines you could have come up with to ask the girl of the week out for a night on the town. Which of these 15 rides would have gotten you laid in high school? Let us know by commenting below.

14) A Sleek Classic Mustang Would Do the Trick

Why do you think the Mustang is so popular? How many high schoolers got laid in their parents classic Mustang?

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