Truck Pull at the Triple Canopy Ranch

Triple Canopy Ranch has, once again, risen from the central Florida mud. As thousands and thousands are in attendance for the grand reopening, TCR has showcased some of the biggest mud trucks around. And of course, the main event is a truck pull challenge that includes the Lather Dodge monster mud truck. Tugging on one another until something gives. Let the biggest heaviest most powerful truck win. Nobody can take the 6 wheel drive military transport truck, as it drags around the biggest custom mud trucks. A pair of jeeps face off one pulls the others front wheels right off of the ground. Promo girls walk around the truck pad handing out free teeshirt and beer coolies. The tow strap breaks when two trucks face off against the military truck. The people in the back of the military vehicle looked a little shaken up. Can this event get even more exciting?

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